Karl Cheng

Google Summer of Code 2017: Babel

My project for Google Summer of Code 2017 was to help implementing private fields as part of the Class Fields proposal, as well as going on to implement support for private methods which is an add-on proposal to the main Class Fields proposal. My work also included reviewing other people’s contributions and implementing bug fixes to code in Babel.

During my time working with the Babel project during Google Summer of Code 2017, I made contributions to the main Babel repository, the parser Babylon and to Babel’s website repository.

Here’s a highlight of pull requests I’ve made during GSoC 2017:

I also worked on a branch for Private Fields, which reflected prototyping of different methods of implementing the proposal. That’s available here:

During GSoC 2017, I also made a blog post reflecting on the lessons I’ve learnt while contributing to the project and creating code that meets the high standard of the Babel community.

This was published on Babel’s website under the blog section:

Babel also published another post that provided some details about their involvement in GSoC and why they decided to participate for the first time this year: