Karl Cheng


Here are a few example of what I've done.


GLTF to BGLTF Converter

This Node.js command line application allows users to easily convert GLTF files (e.g. created using the COLLADA2GLTF application) offline without the use of the Cesium online converter.

Let It Yo!

Screenshot of game Let It Yo! was a game created for the Christmas festivities during an internship with Warmpaper Design in 2014, utilising the HTML5 <canvas> feature to allow for animated graphics and gameplay.


Autopilot++ is a plugin for the GEFS-Online flight simulator, bringing new functions to the GEFS autopilot such as vertical speed control, improved autopilot handling, ICAO great circle navigation and separate component controls.


Here are a few examples of some photographs I have taken. These can be reused under the Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0 licence.